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Riccardo Tisci Fashion Designer Profile Video

Riccardo Tisci Fashion Designer Profile


Learn about the life, success and style of Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci.


Riccardo Tisci Fashion Designer Profile Revitalizing the Givenchy brand with his wild imagination, brilliant ideas and stunning designs is the creative Italian Fashion designer Riccardo Tisci. Being a relatively newcomer to the fashion industry Tisci only graduated from London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 1999 and proved himself as a successful designer by being hired as a the creative director of Givenchy only a few years later in 2005. Before Givenchy go, Tisci gained experience working for series of fashion companies eventually to release his own collection at the Milan fall 2005-2006 Fashion Week. In early 2005, Tisci was officially chosen as the creative director of Givenchy for haute couture, ready-to-wear and accessories and the heart young Italian designer has since presented some outstanding runway shows that are highly stylized. those who are curious about SITE TOPIC GOES HERE; have a look at or .

In 2007, he brought a touch of Africa to Paris Online designer lehanga with variety of fabrics and styles that were only becoming more eclectic as the models strutted on the runway, alternating the slim lines of skinny leg trouser suits with great flowing evening wear, Tisci never straight far from the central motion of annual skin. His haute couture in early 2008 featured his trade mark gothic look on a ballerina inspired collection saying that he wanted his ballerinas to symbolize four things, religion, romanticism, sensuality and gothic style. Even model in Italia Nova who attended the show said she wasn't put off by the marked effect. Tisci then continued his gothic romanticism to his mix collection which he also mixed with strict tailoring. He piled key lows of silver crosses and chains onto tailored black coats and embroidered patents onto sexy black satin blouses. He used lace to find effect and used other figure hugging material either as camouflage on a see-through dress or as a trim on wool coats laden with black adornments and thick full gemstones. By May 2008, Tisci have become the designer of Givenchy's men's wear division and unveiled his first collection in Paris where the mood was dark, brooding and once again gothic. Tisci sent models down the catwalk wearing eyelet part scarves tied gypsy style at the neck. His black pallet showed off the tailoring of the shirts and suits along with the selection of black leather shorts and slit tuxedos that were accompanied by slim cut trousers. But there was a funkier edge too with shorts layered over crotch leggings in a shocking selection of pink. Tisci has also provided plenty of day roll options alongside his stunning draped-jazzy evening gowns for his haute couture collections in 2008. As his models treat valiantly across the catwalk covered in woodchips with the collection inspired by the Elle Machu Picchu. Colors were fairly dark. However, some brighter hues were thrown in to lighten up the mood. He's been known to stick to his trademark pallet of black-white send the occasional flash of mood and in late 2008, what a tight rope between good and evil. There were some bizarre digressions as well like jeans with built-in leather chaps and black leggings with wide array vest application. Bizarre note Tisci has managed to rule many of the rich and famous designing gowns that have been worn to red carpet events. But there's no one better to pull off the bizarre look than the crazed walk of Courtney Love who attend at the 2009 Elle style awards wearing a long draping black gown with puffy shoulders from Givenchy's spring 2009 collection. After Hilary's Swank chose something a little more unconventional than she would normally wear from Givenchy's fall 2008 Couture collection with this one showed Lilac gown. So since joining the Givenchy team, Riccardo Tisci has revived the brand and brought out a new image which in time has made him and the label into a critical and lucrative success.

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Riccardo Tisci Fashion Designer Profile

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