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What styles look best on which body types?

On One Hand: Best-Suited Styles for Four Basic Body Types

Flowing tops and pencil skirts that diminish wide waists and accentuate slender legs flatter apple-shaped bodies. Tops with cowl, scoop, "V" and square necklines broaden narrow shoulders for pear-shaped bodies. Semi-fitted wraps, A-line dresses and tunics all add curves to rectangular bodies. Inverted triangle bodies can balance the lower half by wearing skirts and pants with flared bottoms.

On the Other: Styles to Avoid

Tapered skirts/pants will accentuate the undefined waists in apple bodies. Pear bodies can de-emphasize full hips by avoiding pleated and tapered skirts/pants. Fitted clothing that gathers on the waist will thicken the waists in rectangular bodies. Inverted triangle bodies can avoid drawing attention to broad shoulders by avoiding large collars, high necklines and tapered pants/skirts.

Bottom Line

The first step to dressing for your figure is to decide which body type you have, then address the "trouble zones" by de-emphasizing those areas and accentuating flattering areas. Wearing appropriate clothing can help a woman feel stylish and boost confidence.


Dress for Your Body Type

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